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Great technology needs great leaders

We help ambitious tech companies find engage recruit retain
great leaders. Discover how Insight Technology
Search can help you today.

We search uncompromisingly for extraordinary leaders.
We interview and handpick only the strongest candidates and deliver them to you.

What does this mean for you?



Global Placements

We offer an integrated approach to executive search, with the expertise to help you attract and retain the best possible talent for your company.


Trusted Clients

Since we were founded, over 70 companies have trusted us with their global leadership needs. You're in good hands.



We've built an international executive search firm, successfully completing searches in the US, Europe and Asia for over a decade.

“It's not one thing that distinguishes them, they do more things better - more careful listening, more precise in what they propose”

Our core markets:

Semiconductors & Electronics

Fintech & Payments
Sensors & Components
Photonics & Lighting
Connectivity & SaaS

Hire stronger leaders, faster

Think about how much time you spend trying to fill a position through advertising or waiting on the right referral. By the time you finally find the right person, how much business could that new leader have added?

Unfilled positions mean a loss of profit and productivity.

Our clients all have one thing in common, they know the companies with the best talent win, so they take their hiring very seriously and partner with us to staff their global leadership positions.

Stop wasting time & money

If you’ve hired external companies to fill senior roles before, you may have been disappointed.

Perhaps you:
  • felt they never listened to what you really wanted 
  • got swamped with irrelevant profiles 
  • had to constantly chase them for information or updates
  • were charged more if the process took longer than expected
So, is there a way to avoid all that?

We think so! 

  • At the beginning of a search, we go into tremendous detail to understand the type of personality and mindset that would best fit in your team.
  • We also dive deeper than most to understand the competencies, experience and cultural fit that you need.
  • This allows us to market your position effectively and secure the interest of only the strongest, and most relevant, candidates.
  • We send you weekly written updates on our progress and schedule weekly catch-up calls, if your schedule allows.
  • We keep going until the position is filled, no questions asked.

Are we a good fit?

Yes, if you:
  • need to find strategic and global leadership talent.
  • are in growth mode and need to build a strong management team
  • need succession planning, a confidential replacement or to expand internationally
  • take your hiring seriously to ensure you find the best
  • want a committed partner who will represent your company professionally
Probably not, if you:
  • don't need to fill senior, strategic leadership positions
  • are hiring for a position where the salary is below €100k/$150k
  • have plenty of time to filter the CVs of active jobseekers
  • want to run the process while briefing and managing several recruiting partners
  • are not looking for a brand ambassador
In which case, a contingency agency might be better for you.
"Insight gave us fewer, but way better picks. It saves me time and resources.“

“They are faster than most recruitment firms. Others gave us like 12 candidates."

“Agility and speed distinguish them. But also the combination of the quality of people they have and their ability to produce results.“

“Many companies provide candidates for one region, Insight Technology Search are global”

“Some agencies just swamp us with CVs of people who don't fit the job, they create more work for us. Insight provides fewer but higher quality candidates; they only push forward the profiles that matter.”

“They are there to solve a challenge, not just get a placement.”

What drives our 97% success ratio?

At Insight Technology Search, we assign a dedicated team to the brief who work rapidly and diligently, often turning a search around in as little as 6 weeks. We have spent many years fine-tuning our approach to guarantee success for our global clients.

The Insight Technology Search approach has 5 cornerstones:

1. Specialist focus
  • Maintaining exceptional networks in advanced technology industries, looking past keywords and prioritising only the best candidates.
2. Clarity of assignment
  • We align with your team to agree on the business needs of who can address them.
  • Our attention to detail ensures we meet your expectations.
  • We send a confirmation of our understanding, so our search is perfectly targeted. No surprises.
3. Honest, quick feedback
  • We help you optimise your search criteria.
  • If the compensation isn’t cutting it, we will tell you straight.
  • We share market information about what does and does not resonate with your potential hires.
“The team at Insight will tell you we've searched the world over—can't find it. You're going to have to change something. Some companies just keep looking and wasting my time. That makes them stand out from everyone else."
4. Regular updates
  • We set up a system of weekly updates, so you always know exactly what's going on.
5. Tenacity
  • We don't stop until the position is filled
  • If a candidate does not accept an offer, we go back to the drawing board to get more people. No extra charge.

“They are problem-solvers who will look tenaciously
until the job is done.”

Featured Client Case Studies

R&D Director


Chief Security Officer (CSO)


Sales Director


Managing Director

Electronic Systems - Italy

Multiple MDs

Europe & US

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Sensors - California

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Semiconductor Equipment

General Manager

Semiconductor Manufacturing Plant - Mexico

Senior Vice President of Technology

Semiconductors - Germany