When Chris met Lucy

What happens when two like-minded recruitment executives with a keen interest in people and technology meet?

It’s a match! The two of us became partners – both in business and in life.

As we discovered what’s important to us, aside from snowboarding and traveling the world, delighting our customers, always learning and doing the best we can, we realised that together we could improve the way executive searches are run. In 2017, Insight Technology Search was born.

We started our company because we saw 3 crucial mistakes being made in global executive search:
1. Relying on generalist executive search firms who don’t understand the niche requirements and intricacies of our industries. 
2. Not realising the importance of finding the best leaders. It’s simple, the companies with the best talent win.
3. Using passive or contingency methods, which don’t cut it for critical executive searches in technology.

Our Core Values

Customers first: We  go above & beyond to exceed client expectations.
Respectful: We respect you and your time. We communicate. We do what we say we will.
Collaborative: We listen, are curious, share what we know and help.
Growth-oriented: We continuously learn. Welcome feedback and improve. We ask for help where needed.
Conscientious: We care about your business. We are objective, we take responsibility.
Tenacious: We face up to challenges, offer solutions. We see things through to completion.

We have carefully selected our own exceptional team who share our values...

Our hiring team

While most executive search companies have only one person dedicated to the technology industry, we provide an entire team.

Lucy is the strategic force behind Insight Technology Search. From Customer Relationships, Operations, Strategy & Finance she oversees it all. Lucy loves learning and reading to constantly improve how we operate and how we can be that little bit better tomorrow, than we are today.

Without Lucy, the commercial business doesn’t work. We're sure there are many things she does that we don’t see to keep our business successful, but here's what we do know: she's a natural born leader who never forgets to give professional joy to her colleagues and clients.

Lucy Rayden

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

“Lucy knows the industry, so she asks the right questions. It takes decades to build that kind of expertise."

Fluent in 4 languages, there’s not much Chris doesn’t know about communicating internationally with our global clients. 

As co-founder of Insight, Chris has a genuine drive to get things done and keep his customers happy. To balance his active work life, Chris can often be found kitesurfing on lakes or snowboarding, depending on the season.

Chris Thiel

Director and Co-Founder

“Many search firms kind of run the search and then serve it back to you. Chris is much more proactive. He runs the process, but he also manages it. I appreciate that.“

 Mr B is a straight talking, experienced recruiter who turns around critical roles for our major global clients. He has the results to back this up.

His ability to succeed on even the most complex and demanding of global searches is second to none.

Chris Brooker

Senior Executive Search Consultant

A genuine search guru, Mr Dennis has been a key driver in helping us find some of the most challenging roles in our sector.

His tenacity and integrity is second to none and he continues to go above and beyond any expectations placed on him.

Matt Dennis

Senior Executive Search Consultant

A true professional who has mastered the art of maximising his efficiency in order to provide the best possible services for our clients.

An excellent teacher and role model when it comes to our processes.

Chris Sinclair

Senior Executive Search Consultant

Mr XTT, our resident French electronics engineer. There is not much that this guy does not know about technology.

His wealth of experience really gives him an edge when addressing the complex hiring needs of our clients.

Xavier Torres-Tusset

Executive Search Consultant

Mr. Cullen — he’s an expert in his field, he has a strong interest in Technology and he has a background in Psychology.

He’s self aware and he wants to learn, which is why you can count on him to succeed. He impresses our clients with his ability to understand, find and attract the right people!

Seamus Cullen

Executive Search Consultant

Miss Lorigan, the voice of reason at ITS. Calm, collected, and highly skilled at juggling all the detailed complexities behind the scenes. Kind and thoughtful making sure everyone in the team is well looked after, she’s always got your back.

Did we mention she speaks three languages?

Christian Lorigan

Operations Manager

Christina Murphy is the devil in the detail. She keeps us all in check and ensures our processes are rigorously followed.

She has an HR and recruiting background, as well as speaking 3 languages. She's a kind-hearted individual who will tell you straight if she needs to!

Christina Murphy

Project Manager

Tell us about your challenges

To learn more, we have 3 initial questions to run by you:

1. What major challenges are you facing right now in recruiting?
2. What types of positions are you looking to hire?
3. What are the critical business needs these people will address?