After a networking event in Grenoble, a board member contacted us to discuss their need to find a new CEO for a publicly listed semiconductor company in Paris. 

After several discussions with the board & owners we embarked on this complex mission. Because the equipment was incredibly advanced and complex, there would be few CEOs in France who would have been exposed to such technology and the board were adamant this was a requirement of the role.



Knowing the complexity of the technology and the need for someone with the capacity to understand it, we embarked on a global search targeting potential candidates with some links to France/Europe. Two of our consultants worked closely together to ensure the full market was covered and to align on in depth interviewing & assessments which we did in English & French.

We needed to find exceptional leadership skills, proven experience as a CEO and a highly technical background in Epitaxy and Capital Equipment.



The client was presented with 6 candidates, 2 of which went through to final interviews. From these interviews, 1 candidate was retained and asked to present their CEO plan to the Board of Directors.