I have worked with Lucy and the team at Insight for just over two years. During this time we successfully placed six roles at MD/SD level in four European countries. Most roles required a general electronics background but some were focused on specific technologies, including Power & Magnetics, Sensors and Electromechanical.

I have worked with a number of recruitment consultants over the years and the team at Insight stand out particularly for three reasons.

Firstly, being focussed on the technology sector, they ‘get’ what we do and what experience we need in each of the roles we try to recruit for. Secondly, whilst other recruitment agencies often provide long lists of candidates with varying levels of suitability for the specific role, Insight generally offer a smaller group of candidates but each very well qualified for the particular role. Our selection process can therefore focus more on cultural fit than capability.

Finally, and most importantly, Insight is not a provider of CVs and candidates but has become an integral partner of ours for the selection and recruitment of our future talent across senior level roles in our group. Insight are our recruitment partner of choice and I highly recommend the team for their capability, customer focus and results.

Martin Pangels, Group Development Director
discoverIE Group plc

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