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What our clients say about us

I have known Lucy Rayden since the beginning of her career over 15 years ago. We have a long history of working together, as I used her competences for the companies I worked for and myself. The last request as a customer has been more than successful. The main reasons are her passion for technology and also a very mature network built with confidence, knowledge and respect. She didn't base her success on just exchanging CVs, but on properly identifying the needs between the customer and the candidates. She has a proven methodology since she knows very well the top executives and their evolutions in the industries. Finally, Lucy is now living in France but has kept a very international network. This is one of the contacts I have kept over the years in an industry moving very fast. Nevertheless, the key and competent people are there and Lucy can find them when you need them.

Jean-Luc Bouvresse

Former General Manager, Acco Semiconductor France

International experience

When we say we have international experience, we really mean it. Between us we’ve lived and worked in the US, UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany. We understand the need for international flexibility when hiring talented executives and the challenges this brings.

Changing job is a big decision, changing country an even bigger one. We are there to support our clients and candidates throughout this process and help to make it as smooth as possible. We understand the challenges because we’ve been there ourselves, more than once.

Commercial Acumen

To recruit effectively, you need to know how to sell and market an opportunity – be it a top candidate, an open position or an exciting company.

Our job is to let everyone know how great you or your company are. Throughout our working lives we’ve been involved in sales, we understand the importance of listening and we get excited about you and your business. If we’re convinced you’re doing great things, we want everyone to know about it.

Technology understanding

We pride ourselves in making sure we understand what you do. Your technology, strategy and growth plans are our business, our understanding of these are crucial to finding and convincing great people to join your company.

Recruiting & management

Great people are the key to a successful business. Our experience as business directors, leading and developing teams means we understand the challenges of finding and keeping great people.

People are unpredictable, hiring the right person is challenging, finding and attracting the best is a full-time job – that’s what we do.

We’ve developed a proactive, targeted recruitment approach which has proved highly successful in finding and securing talented individuals within key technology markets.